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Blue Nose American Pitbull Terrier

Zeus GoodBoy

Gotta love me! Too much fun!

I was named after this deity:

Zeus is the strongest of the gods in the Ancient Greek religion because he has both power and intelligence. And is able to ensure that he is not replaced by another, more powerful deity.
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Adopt these dawgs I met at the Linn County Animal Control shelter

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Personally Speaking

I love to go on long walks, chew stuff, eat snacks and sleep

Pet Licensing?

Not sure why they call it a license, I can’t drive, it should be called Registrastion…right?

Spay & New Turd

Still not sure of what these terms are, but I know they are taking my behavior when I get my New Turd whatever that is….

Is this true?

Is this really true that I am banned in some states and countries? If true that is very discriminating, because I am just a dog, and Akita’s have bitten more people per capita then any other breed, in fact I am in the middle in that category. I feel Pitbull’s have got a bad rap. I am not a crminal and I have never even thought of biting. Very unfair, at the end of the day I am still just a DOG

I was adopted!

I was adopted!! On April 6th, 2023 I think I may have found my forever home, Mom said today it has been two weeks! I have no concept of what two weeks is in people terms but in dog time that’s 3.23 months, feels like a long enough time to fall in love. But to be sure I will still remain cautious for awhile, but I think they have fallen for my stellar build and handsome stature and looks! My future is looking brighter!

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